Friday, April 29, 2005

Hannah's Trip to the City

Hannah, my precious family dog (a purebred AKC-certified Minature Schnauzer), made her first trip into the city with me.

Hannah's been to NYC before via my parents' car. But, she'd never really been around the city. So, last week, I brought her into the city with me on the train. Hannah's a fun, spunky, independent, well-trained and adventurous dog.

Hannah loved the train ride. She quickly figured out that whenever the train stopped and the doors opened people would come. She'd sit up and look while wagging that cute small tail of hers. As soon as the doors closed, she'd lie down again. Once we arrived at Grand Central, Hannah had her first yellow cab through Times Square. I opened the window so she could stick her head out and pant while taking in Times Square. There was even a sidewalk dancing performance. She wagged her tail even more when the cab stopped by that at a light. As soon as we got to my place, it was straight to the dog run park nearby for her to take care of her business. Naturally, although she's a female, she left few pee markings here and there on the way to/fro the park. Guess she had to leave her marks in the city. *ahem*

Hannah made herself right at home in the apartment. Kate and I took turns brushing her before I gave Hannah a bath. She was one dirty greaseball who turned into a happy nice-smelling furball.

Emma, my cat, stayed in the bedroom and hissed few times as Hannah innocently wagged her tail and panted. Emma let me hold her and walk around with Hannah following me at times.

Hannah and Emma first met when Emma was 6 weeks old and stayed at my parents' house for 2 weeks. (I went to Seattle for 2 weeks at that time.) I hoped that they'd "remember" each other.

Emma seemed to have an eye in the back of her head and always knew whenever Hannah was nearby. Hannah would shake sometimes as she tried to contain herself, wanting to come up to Emma but hearing Emma hiss or staring furiously at her few times.

Later on, Emma was able to just hang out on the cat post few feet away licking, curling, playing and purring. Wow. Her normal self but keeping that evil eye on Hannah. Hannah sat on the couch panting and watching Emma's every single move.

Tis paradise at home with my 2 beloved pets!

The next morning, Hannah had fun at the dog park again. She met another Minature Schnauzer. Played with a bunch of small dogs. Lucked out that all dogs were minature to standard sizes this morning. No toy dogs either. Will take Hannah with me to lunch with a friend. She's thrilled to meet her and to have lunch outside. Tis fun having a dog in the city for a bit.

Later, Hannah and I went to meet a friend in a park downtown for lunch. Afterwards, we took up our friend's idea of going to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty.

We sat on a bench facing the statue. Hannah enjoyed the constant breeze blowing through. Her ears raised like angel wings as she panted and wagged her tail. Later, I fed her some doritos. Ooops. :)

Then, we walked through battery park (the development area) up to the World Financial Center then caught a cab to the 23rd St Dog Run park (the one with these great hills, urban-style creek, overflowing water can, and logs). I enjoyed meeting other dog owners and their dogs there. Dog park folks are really friendly.

Hannah was tired after a while, so we took another cab to my home. She walked a lot today, so I thought a cab was appropriate for her. We stopped by the Clinton DeWitt dog run park quickly so she could take care of business.

Before we entered, a homeless man called Hannah over. I brought her over. They spent some time together. He was with a group of homeless folks. I recognized them. We have waved at each other sometimes (over the past 2-3 years), so I knew they're ok. The old man looked touched by Hannah.

Then, we went into the park. Unfortunately, a small bull-type dog viciously jumped onto Hannah and took her down as soon as Hannah entered. She came out of no where. The other dogs came up and barked etc. I tried to follow Hannah and that dog who were entwined in a ball as the dog kept on biting. I had a hard time following and keeping track of where Hannah was. I finally got ahold of Hannah. The other dog's owner took that dog away... then came over to check Hannah with me. Nice lady. She was very upset about her dog doing that. So, after seeing that Hannah was fine (amazing how Hannah didn't even have a bite mark or blood on her... just lots of sand and saliva crap! (Good thing mom cancelled the haircut appointment. Her long fur was probably all that that tiny vicious dog's teeth could get ahold of. They left the park not long after. Hannah was shooken. I took her to the other side of the park away from the other dogs... later, she got down on the ground then started to join the dogs. Whew. That's my Hannah! :) She's sleeping now. Awww. Long day for her.

By the time Hannah left the next morning, Hannah was ready to be Emma's lover, as a friend put it. Emma, my cat, was still cautious of Hannah although they made some nose-to-nose contacts. Emma would swish out her paws if Hannah ever came up from behind. But, if Hannah came up to Emma's face, ok. That was an improvement from Emma staring out from under the bed then later on the bed staring. By the time Hannah and I were to head back to CT, Emma and Hannah were walking in close proximity and meeting each other to sniff each other's noses like nose kisses. Awww! Wish Hannah stayed few more days so they'd become fast friends! Pretty good progress for a cat and a dog who lived together for 1 1/2 days!

I'm going to bring Hannah again. That's for sure! Next time, she's going to meet few more friends and go check out few new dog run parks such as the one at Washington Square and Tompkins Square Park. If you know of other good dog runs, let me know!