Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dog Show

Delightfully watched a dog show on TV last night. They showed excellent dogs of different breeds. I was thrilled when the beautiful Sealyham Terrier dog won the Best of the Show award. The dog had been showing for only 3 weeks, and it already won this soon! Such a honor, especially amongst the other 6 notable distinguished award-winning show dogs who were up for this award.

I am personally biased toward favoring certain groups such as the terrier group. I enjoyed the Manchester Terrier, Silky Terrier, Schnauzer and so on.

I have issues with the toy dog group. This manifested when I moved to NYC. Please do not get me wrong here. I LOVE dogs. My heart melts whenever I meet a dog of any size and look into her/his eyes. However, from a distance, I become prejudiced toward most toy-sized dogs and/or sometimes their owners. I cringe whenever I see how some people treat these dogs as as accessories or extensions of themselves in a narcissitic way. Some people use toy dogs as "ego-bandaids" instead of as pets in the true pet owner sense. In turn, these dogs become codependent with their owners in what seems to be an unhealthy way. These dogs are so innocent. So, I have an issue with people who foster unhealthy codependent relationships with their toy dogs. For instance, I've seen one being seated on her owner's breasts in a fancy car on FDR. Also, I hate to say this but some of them are rather weird looking while others are gorgeous. (This goes for ALL groups.)For example, the Brussel Griffon looks like a pumpkin head ball with its breed-appropriate haircut. It's so innocent yet it looks like a pumpkin. Poor thing. The innocent Smooth-Coat Chihuahua looked like a scared cat knowing a hawk was about to swoop it up with its talons.
A dog show commentator stated that the Papillon "often has a reputation of being delicate lap dogs." Sigh. Such delicate tiny dogs that might as well be glass figurines that break easily. Poor delicate creatures. The tiny Pug was so cute. It had a smushed up Shar Pei looking face yet such a strong sturdy body and great personality. The Pomeranian looked like a furball (which it literally is). These Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are beautiful and graceful. The Chinese Crested dog is gorgeous. It's shaved naked save for exquisite exhibition of long hair in its face (like long classic bangs), legs and tail. Nonetheless, most of these toy dogs are tough, tougher than they look. I can go on and on about Toy Dogs and other breeds groups. I'll spare you further details now.

I am ashamed to admit that whenever I see the Toy Dog group about to start showing, I think "Football Touchdown Time!" I have such guilt for having these thoughts. As I said earlier, this manifested after moving to NYC and living here long enough to develop biases toward toy dogs. I've walked many sidewalks along toy dogs and their owners. They're so tiny that I fear accidentially stepping on them or unknowingly kicking them off like footballs while strolling down the street. Sometimes it's hard enough walking down these sidewalks trying to avoid bumping into people, let alone tiny dogs who walk out of your view and sometimes inadvertently run in between your legs. I've accidentially stepped on few poor toy dogs' feet, and my body cringed in pain and fear as I look down to make sure the dog is okay. I just hate that feeling of stepping on a dog or a living creature, not knowing it was there and not wanting to do any harm at all, let alone break tiny delicate bones. I always apologize profusely to the dog owner. I always fear accidentially stepping on a toy dog or kicking one off like kicking for a touchdown.

I've rambled on long enough about dogs. My friend just woke up, and we are going to get ready to go out for brunch soon.

Enjoy this glorious Sunday!