Saturday, January 22, 2005

Winter Wonderland

I woke up at 2:30 PM and looked at the window. All I saw was white. A white out! Mmm!

Later, after doing stretches and getting up, I walked to the window and looked out. Normally, I see the Manhattan cityscape from my friend's window. Today, all I saw was white. We're in the middle of a winter wonderland!

What a great opportunity to go up on the roof or go outside to make snow angels! Reminiscing about tender childhood days when friends and I bought different cheap fruit-flavored drinks and poured in different parts of the snow and pretended to sell and sample different flavors of shaved ice. Mmmm!

And, speaking of the devil, the Rocky movie is on. Ridor was recently reminiscing about 1980s movie favorites. There seems to be a 1980s movie marathon on TV this afternoon.

I'm going to sign off and join my friend on the couch to finish watching the movie and just enjoy this blissfully snowy cozy day in our jammies with occasional glances out of the window into winter wonderland.