Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Unique Pet Quirks

Does/did your pet(s) have/had any unique quirks?

For instance, one of my former cats, Elka, loved carrot peels.

My current cat, Emma, likes french fries and always tries to steal one in the same way she stalks and catches a mouse then runs away to play with it and eat it.

My roommate's cat, Lucy, likes to sleep on her side or back with her paws bended inward and tucked in like a sleeping mummy. It's similar to the sign for kangaroo, only you keep it still at the chest. That.

My parents' dog, Hannah, loves to go hopping in deep snow. She gets such a kick out of snow that she bites at it - in the air above and into the snow on the ground. Dad got sick of it one day after watching her hop around playing like a rabbit. He developed a habit of shoveling or snowblowing a round path off the back porch door so Hannah could get right down to business in some cleared area immediately instead of going hopping around. :)

My old dog, Charlie, loved to lick people's feet. I have to admit that, although it was wet and gross at times, it did wonders for curing my sore feet after soccer, basketball, tennis, and softball practices as well as hiking trips when she was with us. (Yes, I cleaned my feet afterwards. Thank you very much.)

Got any pet quirks to share?