Saturday, January 22, 2005

SpongeBob Post It Pads

While at Pathmark earlier tonight, I caught sight of a SpongeBob post-it pad with Patrick on it. For those of you who do not know who Patrick is... here is a description from the Nickelodeon website.

Patrick is SpongeBob's neighbor and best friend, and his big ambition in life can be summed up in four words: "Uh...I...uh...forget." As SpongeBob's closest pal, Patrick is always offering his advice and encouragement. Unfortunately, Pat's not exactly the brightest starfish in the sea (if you catch our drift), and he usually ends up helping SpongeBob into a heap of trouble. Even their simplest plans end in disaster. But for better or worse, Patrick will always be SpongeBob's loyal buddy.

I don't follow SpongeBob. However, one of my friends is crazy about SpongeBob. For Christmas, I bought her 3 pairs of SpongeBob socks with SpongeBob bits hanging off the rear ankle (like pompoms). She went ecstatic when she saw them and put them on at work! After that, I started paying more attention to find out what the heck was so special about SpongeBob cartoons. Cool undersea life adventures.

Anyways, recently, some Christians had roar over SpongeBob and some kind of accusations about sex and homosexuality. I thought the whole thing was farfetched and ridiculous. You'd have to be psychotic or really narrow-minded to come up with these ideas.

With these recent right-wing tightwad Christians' uproar in mind, I took a closer look at the Patrick character in the Post-It pads. I tried to imagine myself in these christian freaks' shoes and see where they were coming from... what the heck was sexual about SpongeBob and his cartoon friends. I couldn't help but notice that Patrick, in that particular drawing, looked like such a huge dickhead. Patrick's supposed to be a dumb yet friendly starfish. But, he really looked like a pointy dickhead in that drawing. So, I put it down and walked away. I didn't think my friend would want dick-head looking post-it pads in use at work. For a picture of Patrick, go to the following link....