Monday, January 17, 2005

"Only In New York" by Stuart Goldenberg

Here's a great book I've come to enjoy. It's not a book you need to read from beginning to end. When you feel like reading, you can read a section, long or short. You could even read just one question and answer. I've given this book to 2 people so far, and they love it.

Here's a description from Amazon:

400 Remarkable Answers to Intriguing, Provocative Questions About New York City

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

The New York Times's F.Y.I. column has been an enduringly popular feature since its creation. This is the second collection of favorite questions and answers from the column; the first was published as The Curious New Yorker in 1999.

Product Description:

400 Questions and Answers to the Big Apple's oddest mysteries: from the pages of the New York Times

New York City has long held a place as the nation's most admired and reviled city, provoking more debate, affection, and curiosity than any other. Generations of visitors and residents alike have pondered the city's enduring quirks and unusual traditions. In the F.Y.I. column in The New York Times, the paper's reporters and editors turn their talents to answering readers' most perplexing queries about the city, some of which include:

* City with a Past: Where was the World Trade Center originally going to be located? Where was the last opium den in New York?
* Underground, Underfoot: Is there a secret tunnel linking Police Headquarters to a nearby tavern? What was the busiest day in subway history?
* The Name Game: Is there really a Main Street in Manhattan? What was the Street of Brides?
* And lots more!

Amply illustrated with Stuart Goldenberg's whimsical cartoons, and with an introduction from Constance Rosenblum, editor of the Times's City section, Only in New York is sure to generate laughter, delight, and "Aha!" reactions in anyone who has ever been stumped by one of Gotham's countless oddities.