Sunday, January 16, 2005

JADE's PAFF Acceptance!

My dear and close friend, Jade, who I work with as a consultant for her company, recently had one of her films accepted into a prominent film festival, Pan African Film Festival, in LA.

This is such a great (and first known) accomplishment for a black deaf filmmaker. Jade may be the only black deaf filmmaker I know of in America.

I really would like to see her be able to go there to see her film being played, find investors for her projects and network with important people in the film industry.

If you can help her get there to continue her work, (even if it is $20 or buying at least one of her works), please do so! She's good! Some of her work can also be used in educational settings. (Jade is a NYU Tisch School alumni.)

Jade has worked so hard, and I KNOW she is making it. She is on her way to the top. She has several projects in the works as well as completed works.

I'd like us to help her get at least a step closer to the top.


Please read her email below and check out her website:


Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues:

After so many months hard at work investing and building my film company, I am pleased to announce that "PASSION OF WORDS TURNING INTO
ACTION: A BLACK DEAF FILMMAKER'S JOURNEY" has been selected for the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) documentary competition! I recently learned of the news early this morning!

Due to the fact that I am investing thousand of dollars on a patent for wearable device products for my movie, "SOMALIA" that the whole world is waiting and longing to see, I had to make choice to join force in what it's called a "cutting edge advanced technology" which leaves me no funds to go to Los Angeles and be part of the film festival.

Now, in order for me to go to Los Angeles on Feb 10-21 to make an appearance, I need your help encouraging your friends or family to buy my BioPic or one of the films or show support by donating money. This festival is truly important for me because I need to pay for my own personal interpreter in order to network and talk about my upcoming film "SOMALIA," my device products. My destination is to find that distributor(s) over there and not I am sitting in front of my computer!

You feel me? So please help me raise about $1,500. That's all I need from you.

Thank you and God blessed you.

For more information, see the festival site for film scheduling. It's not up yet but keep checking!

Also, check my website later during the week for more updates.