Saturday, January 22, 2005

Greetings from Bay Ridge


Am in Bay Ridge for the weekend. Decided I needed a break from the city after being cooped up sick at home in Manhattan for a week. After a doctor's appointment today, I zoomed to NYSD's new digs at FEGS building to meet Boris. The new digs are quite beautiful. I liked it a lot better than the old office. The environment colors were more cheerful and brighter. And, the lights are much better! Although subway access to the new office is somewhat limited in options as well as a longer walk from station to office, I still liked the area. Imagine being able to walk only one block to the West Side Highway to access the bike and walk paths during the spring and summer. How wonderful is that? And, you get to check out Soho's latest offices, designs (clothing and furniture), and other trends. That in itself is much better than what the Fulton St area had to offer. The only downside I detected was the office's proximity to Holland Tunnel and the fact that bumper to bumper traffic runs in front of FEGS.

Anyways, Boris and I headed to Bay Ridge after he finished work. We met up with Christine for Greek dinner at her place. We chatted all night. Naturally, we covered our favorite topic. ANd, somehow, 9/11 came up. We reminisced some things about that day since we were together that day and saw everything together. We discussed his family's reaction to 9/11 based on his relatives experienced years of wars in USSR as opposed to one day of terrorism/trauma for a young country like USA. We also talked about deaf people's experiences with speech therapy and how we try to pronounce certain sounds or words if someone doesn't understand us. Russian and American speech therapy approaches differed too. I learned few Russian words and pronounctions. Interesting. I think English is easier to speak than far....

I think we dropped Boris off at his home (only few blocks away, but it was 11 degrees!) sometimes between 11:30 and 1 AM. I lost track of time. Christine needed to do grocery shopping, so we headed to a 24 hour supermarket in Bensonhurst. I hadn't been in a "real big" supermarket in a long time, so I took my time browsing to catch up on the latest in what companies were offering. It's amazing the ideas companies come up with to make people on the go eat more conveniently or try new ideas. Anyways, we left the store at 2:30 AM then cruised toward 4th ave for a northbound cruise toward few other palces to pick up stuff for Christine's roommate. THen, we finally made it home by 3 AM.

Now, it's frigging cold. The computer is right next to a window which still has an AC in it. The draft is quite strong, so my feet are cold. The rest of the apartment is quite toasty. Looking forward to curling up on the couch under few thick blankets. The news are saying that there's a snowstorm on the way and that it feels like 4 below zero. I believe it.

Now, I'm going to sign off and enjoy my friend's TIVO access on TV until I fall asleep. It'll be nie to just relax all weekend and hang out in the neighborhood for a bit.

Wish I could have made it to Perlis and Taylor's place. But, too far from Bay Ridge.... so, I'll make it up there another time. I love these two folks.