Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ann McDonald Has Baby Near Golden Arches

UNION, Mo. (Jan. 12) - Ann McDonald knew the baby was coming and there wasn't a hospital in sight, so she pulled over and delivered the child outside - what else? - a McDonald's restaurant.

Chayse Westin McDonald was due Wednesday. But on Sunday, Ann McDonald knew her time was getting near - and fast.

Problem was, there is no hospital in this eastern Missouri town, and the closest one in Washington was 15 minutes away.

McDonald and the child's grandmother, Linda Cuneio, got in the car, but it soon became evident they wouldn't make it to a hospital. So they pulled over at a McDonald's in Union. The baby was born beneath the golden arches.

"I was standing by her and I thought I better get something," Cuneio told KMOV-TV in St. Louis. "I better catch this baby. Just at that instance, the (emergency medical technician) walked up."

The irony of the location wasn't lost on mother or grandmother.

"Of course everyone is like, 'Are you going to name him Ronald?,"' Ann McDonald said.

Ann McDonald's husband is serving in Iraq. He is expected home in April.

01-12-05 14:56 EST

NOTE: The baby boy ended up being named Chayse Westin.