Thursday, January 06, 2005

ABCs of 2004

Few friends and acquaintances did a "ABC's of 2004." I loved it, so I decided to jump the boat and do one too.

Here's what I came up with off the top of my head. I know the year 2004 was full of many changes, all for the best.

It's amazing how much happens in one year. The older I get, the faster time flies and the more I love life and people. I fall in love with NYC again and again. At this time in my life, I cannot imagine living elsewhere. There is so much to do and explore in this city. And, there are always people to meet and have conversations with - strangers or not.

A - Anticipation of camp & school best friend Julie & Shane's Baby SHF's arrival

B - Brother's graduation from Fuller University's Theological Seminary with a M. Div. degree

C - Contacting and reconnecting with long-lost friends

D - Deaf docent tours at the Met Museum

E - Entering New York University School of Social Work as a Masters Candidate

F - Finishing out term as President of Deaf Women United - Greater New York Chapter

G - School of Social Work Graduate Student Association Board member (Treasurer)

H - Housewarming Party for Boris' new Co-op home

I - Internship at League for the Hard of Hearing

J - Jade Film website launch (

K - Keeping the apartment clean with endless

L - Loyal trustworthy friends I'm grateful for and have always been there for each other

M - Meeting new friends & colleagues such as Mary Kay, LL, SV, Libby, Ilene, Ashanti Pack, Mara, Jeff, Jeanne, Mani, Pia, Kim, Busbee, the GSA girls, Esther, and more. You know who you are!

N - New York City Deaf Resources Guide development & distribution

O - Oy Vey! Zaftig! (full-figured, curvy, juicy beautiful woman) Two of the many Yiddish lines I picked up over the past year, thanks to my professors, supervisors and colleagues

P - Patricia Ordonez's fashion show premiere (

Q - Questioning and discussing with my colleagues and professors endlessly about academic and social-work related issues

R - Relishing the rare free moments in between studies, papers, internship, etc

S - Swimming in the sea as a single lady

T - Typing blog entries for and reading RT's scandalously wicked blogs

U - Using the laundromat's blessed drop-off services on a regular basis due to hectic schedule

V - Visiting San Diego, La Jolla, Pasadena, Catalina Island, Blacksburg (VA), Boston, DC, Santa Monica, and more!

W - Weddings galore

X - Xanga blogs by friends are a pleasure to read

Y - Yikes! The refrigerator broke down once again! How many times has it broken down during 2004? Will get a new one soon, finally!

Z - Zest for life, working with and meeting people, learning, loving the (social work) field I chose, and more!

Here's to 2005! I predict that 2005 will be a year of growth, prosperity, good health, strengthened friendships, graduation from NYU, love, and happiness.