Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fun Birthday Boy

Took a friend out to dinner for his birthday. It was a belated birthday dinner at Chipolte, his favorite place. There were few hotties there. RT had his share of eye candies. I was particular with one lesbian worker. Sometimes I wonder if RT goes there more for the eye candy than the burrito.

As always, I laughed a lot with RT. There is never a dull moment with him. He's real, and there's no bullshitting around. We talked about many things such as dorm/school incidents, sex, ignorant hearing people, and so on. One thing we always have a lot to talk about is the South. We discussed about Southern-style wakes and funerals. They definitely have different customs and culture down there.

One thing I noticed about Chipolte was the bathroom key design for the men's and ladies' room. They had a huge heavy metal hardware thing (maybe plumbing parts) attached to the key. The one for the men's room was very cone-like while the one for the women's room was flat and circular. It was just too much of a coincidence. I walked over to RT to point this out before going to the bathroom.

Later, we stopped by Ben & Jerry's for ice cream. RT noticed that, out of the 3 ceiling fancs, one fan had no blades. He pointed it out to the store workers. I asked them why there were no blades. The workers didn't know and said it worked. What's the point of having that fan there if there are no blades on it?

As usual, we engaged into discussion, and laughters ensued. We talked about animals attacking each other. Once, RT's mother was chased by an angry swan. Ducks are also very vicious creatures. Just FYI.

Overall, I had a good evening out with RT.