Saturday, December 18, 2004


Just finished baking cookies for the Cookie Swap "X" party that will take place Saturday afternoon. I baked "Holiday Surprise Sugar Cookies." I decided that it was late enough and that I'd decorate the cookies in between errands later today. It's almost 5:30 AM. Ummm.... even the cats are sleeping on the couch next to me. I'm looking at my friend who's snoring on the other couch across from me.

It was hilarious to find out he was snoring in the first place. He hit the couch at 1 AM while I was preparing the cookie dough. I had my hearing aid on. I kept on hearing something funny and noticed the cats being scared yet curious about something they were hearing. So, I looked at them to see where the noise might be coming from. They were peering around the corner from the hallway into the living room, taking quick glances at my snoring friend. I laughed. I vee-veed him and his sleeping/snoring habits during the different stages of sleep as he went into deeper stages of sleep. During the entire time, I was working on the cookie dough and later had a challenging time getting the food dye color into dough sections (and wishing I remembered to add the food dye earlier). Nonetheless, it was fun to prepare. If not for this oversight, I wouldn't have observed my friend's sleeping and snoring.

Hey, talking about sleeping is making me sleepy. I'm going to catch some Zzzz's then wake up in few hours to head out to meet a friend for a hour then come back to take care of errands before heading out to the Cookie X party.

Awww. Emma, my cat, is saying... go to bed... go to bed... she just woke up, stretched, and came over to me... nudged me and is now staring at me with her eyes half-open/closed.

Buon notte!