Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Breathing Fresh Air

Reading Maya Angelou's work and quotes is like breathing fresh air for the first time, feeling my heart beat, and opening my eyes to a new sunny morning every time I read her.

Here are 12 quotes - 12 Words of Love and 12 Words of Encouragements I want to share with you.

Words of Love & Encouragement (12 quotes each)..... by Maya Angelou

If you find it in your heart to care for someone else, you will have succeeded.

First best is falling in love.
Second best is being in love.
Least best is falling out of love.
But any of it is better
than never
having been in love.

is that condition
in the human spirit
allows one to survive
and to thrive
with passion,
compassion, humor
and style.

I do not trust people
who don't love themsleves
and yet tell me,
"I love you."
There is an African saying which is:
Be careful
when a naked person
offers you a shirt.

Have enough
to trust love
one more time.
And always
one more time.

Seek patience
and passion
in equal amounts.
Patience alone
will not build the temple.
Passion alone
will destroy its walls.

The honor
and duty
of a human being
is to love.

True love lightens burdens,
eases stress,
and lengthens life.

may speak a language
all its own,
but true love
seldom needs an interpreter.

If you are moved
by the sunrise
and if the rain on the roof
makes you cry
you are
probably in love.
Or you should be.

recognizes no barriers
It jumps hurdles,
leaps fences,
penetrates walls
to arrive at its destination
full of hope.

is that
which holds us
and love is also
that which
liberates us

We must
take fear
and by love
change it
into hope.

Life loves the person who dares to live it.

I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.

Whether you are happy or whether you are sad, it is wise to remember you are really in process.

Your life
is much more important
than you can imagine.
It is your first

We delight in the
of the butterfly,
but rarely admit the
it has gone through to
that beauty.

While everything around you is changing, you are changing, too. Trust your new self to adapt in all things you do.

When the
right word
is offered at the
right time,
the vault
of joy opens
and the angels dance
on the head of a pin.

When life
surrounds me with problems,
I remember
no question can be asked
if the answer is not
already in the universe.

God puts
in the clouds
so that
each of us --
in the dullest
and most
deary moments --
can see
a possibility
of hope.

We spend
precious hours
fearing the inevitable.
It would be wise
to use that time adoring our
cherishing our
and living our

An icy pool
is not tempting to a long-distance swimmer. But after a few laps, the temperature becomes not only manageable, but d e l i c i o u s. This new chang emay not appear welcoming to you, but you may be surprised how easily you adjust.