Wednesday, December 08, 2004

An Adventure in the New World Aquarium

On my way to Bide-A-Wee, I stopped by this store: New World Aquarium. It was the best one I had been to in all of NYC.

The workers truly knew how to take care of the fish, and they knew their stuff. I could tell by the kind of fish they placed together in these tanks, how healthy the fish looked, the quality of the tank maintenance, appropriateness of things inside these tanks (e.g., rocky bottom and settings for African Cichlids), and the supplies they carried. Some of these fish are hard to keep alive if you don't know how to truly provide and maintain the environment properly. They also carried mostly medium to large fishes as opposed to many small fish which to me is a sign that they have lower rate of fish death and know how to maintain these adult breeds until they're sold (think Petco stores with all these small fish).

They also had such a large variety of rarer breeds that many other specialized aquarium stores in NYC do not carry.

This is the happy nerd in me. I know about these little things. I spent over a hour in that store feeling like a little kid on an adventure, marveling in these beautiful creatures and finding such a great store in NYC.

New World Aquarium
Fresh water and marine tropical fish
Full line of aquariums and supplies
Servicing and installation available

204 East 38th St NYC 10016
(646) 865-9604