Sunday, November 21, 2004

Tasmanian Devils....

Tasmanian devils strain hard to give birth to many rice-sized babies. The first 4 who make it to the mother's 4 available nipples survive. As the narrator stated: "the booby prize will survive." Later, the mother will eat the rest.

If the porportion of these rice-sized babies were converted to scale for humans, we'd give birth to a ping pong sized baby. Think abt how much easier it wld be for us women and our pussies!

These facts were obtained from a documentary on Animal Planet Channel Thursday Night about living creatures, pregnancies, and their births. The documentary was cornily named, "The Most Amazing Births." *rolling eyes*

Nonetheless, I enjoyed learning quite interesting facts about different creatures and their facts of lives on this Earth. They even compared these creatures' length of birth, pregnancy cycles, and size at birth to scale with humans. Some were scary while some weren't bad (such as giving birth to ping-pong sized babies according to Tasmanian Devil's scale and rate). It made me grateful for our human cycle and put some things into perspective.