Friday, November 26, 2004

SpongeBob Thieves Strike in 4 States

(Nov. 25) - It's a regular SpongeBob crime wave.
First some oversized figures of SpongeBob SquarePants were swiped from Burger Kings in Michigan, Minnesota and Utah.

While this giant SpongeBob made his Macy's parade debut Thursday, several of his smaller brethren went missing around the country.

Now police in Wisconsin are on the lookout for spongenappers who clipped a six-foot Squarepants that was promoting the SpongeBob movie opening.

No ransom note was left in Sheboygan, Wisconsin -- although in Minnesota, the list of demands includes ten Crabby Patties for SpongeBob's return.

Police there are looking for a a blow-up figure swiped from a Burger King. They've found a ransom note which starts off: "We have SpongeBob." It then demands, "Give us ten Crabby Patties, fries and milkshakes."
The ransom note is signed by SpongeBob's nemesis, Plankton. A postscript reads: "Patrick is next," referring to SpongeBob's cartoon friend.

At a southeast Utah Burger King, vandals made off with a six-by-ten-foot balloon of Spongebob.

Employees are handing out "Missing" fliers with a full description of the popular cartoon figure -- featured in a new movie.

After some shrewd negotiations between police and a lawyer, a SpongeBob from Bad Axe, Michigan, has been returned home, slightly the worse for wear.

No laughing matter for Crime Stoppers in Sheboygan, though, who say informants on the whereabouts of the Wisconsin blow-up could earn a thousand dollar reward.

11/24/04 17:19 EST