Thursday, November 11, 2004

Odds and Ends

* I'm still thrilled that one of my dear childhood friends, Julie, and old classmate, Shane, are expecting a baby together. I love checking their blog for current updates and pictures. Julie is such a beautiful person with a genuine heart. I love her for that.

* I had a great coffee chat with Melissa the other day. I've got to get together with her more often.

* This medical LOA from school is probably one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a while, alongside few other decisions I made over the past few months. I strongly believe in living life and making the best out of it, even if it means making some changes in order to remain true to myself and be healthier. My graduation date will be postponed as a result. But, know what? That's okay with me. I've been like an Energizer Bunny working a lot since high school graduation. I even worked part to full time hours while completing my undergraduate studies in 2 1/2 years. Now, it's time to address some long-neglected areas of my life and myself by putting work and school aside for a while in order to become healthier. When I become healthier again, I'll be able to resume my studies and live life with a greater zest while being healthier at the same time.

* My brother's got a job gig until December. I hope that he picks up another gig after December. That's how it goes in the television/Hollywood business.

* Dad's off to a conference this weekend in Orlando. I think he'll be surprised with how much has changed (and developed) in Orlando since he last went there probably over 15 years ago.

* I found a great deal for a roundtrip plane ticket for Dad to Roanoke, VA. His mom, my grandma, isn't doing well. She managed to survive a life-threatening infection. It's amazing. She will be moved to a nursing home soon. Dad would like to see her soon.

I really would like to go too, but I don't have the money for it. Tickets to Roanoke are quite expensive, and special airfare deals come by once in a blue moon.

* I'm off to shower now then meet up with a friend for lunch. Then there are few things to take care of at school.

* The fire in my friend, Jade, never extinguishes. She is very persistent and determined in her film work. She is a true filmmaker. I KNOW she is making it. Check out her website at