Sunday, November 21, 2004

Female Presidential Candidates

I look forward to the day when both politcal parties select female presidential candidates.
This thought came to me when I bumped into a black woman at the corner deli. She was smiling and pointed to a picture of Condoleeza Rice on the front page of a newspaper. She was happy that a black woman was being nominated and appointed to a high-ranking position. She saw this as progress. We talked for a bit. She works nearby, so I hope to run into her again. I've seen her face occasionally.

Although Condoleeza is a Republican, I really would like to see her being nominated and chosen as a Republican Presidential candidate during the 2008 election year.

Many have talked about Senator Hillary Clinton possibly running as a Presidential candidate for the Democratic party. Regardless, I want a qualified female candidate who has worked hard. So, I don't want us to overlook other female politicians who also work to help this country. I am aware that there are a handful of female Senators and Congresswomen. I'd like to know more about them, their platforms, and their histories. I've had enough of these men.

I wonder how much of a difference it'd make to have a female President run this country and how it'd impact international relations.