Saturday, October 30, 2004


Recently, a friend and I discussed what Bill Cosby said in the news the other day about how parents needed to keep their kids off the street corner and that once you become a parent, your party days are over. Somehow, this led to a discussion about parents wearing thongs. Here are excerpts from our conversation.

S: These parents just enter a different party world.... kids' birthday parties.
C: And you become so and so's mom
S: Right, and u do the mom talk and walk
S: The other day, a coworker was talking about how younger mothers in her son's class wore thongs and how she cldnt wear thongs.
C: lol
S: And she was weraing grandma undies. Oh well :)
C: lol. I hate thongs. And, you can still see the panty line. It's just higher. I don't get it
S: lol. Well, it depends on what kind of thong. Some women wear low pants... with high thongs.
It's like a pussy purse
C: lol
S: And, the thong straps are the purse handles hugging the hips and butt. There's no line in the butt crack.. but, there is a line at the waist or below...and still line in the front
S: And, it's like a pussy/ass floss.
S: If u dont have the right fit, you are at a higher risk for infections, etc. Some people iknow... had to stop them altogether... alongside tampons cuz of problems. They are now stuck with panties and pads. Oh well
S: Talk abt things in moderation.
C: Once again, a device I think a man made. I am not sure.
S: Do you believe that men invented their thongs? Who wants to cusp these balls and stick in a small fabric? It's a strange concept
C: lol
S: i am sure there is a book somewhere on the history of thongs... there are few on the history of bras. So, there sld be one on thongs. True biz.