Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sleeping in Heavenly Peace

Went to bed early last night and got 12 hours worth of sleep. Slept in heavenly peace. Woke up with a bad sore throat and ear pressure due to allergies and cold draft throughout the night.

Nonetheless, I feel relaxed and ready for the weekend. Haven't felt that way in a while.

I'm watching Lucy, my roomie's cat, hiding and ready to pounce on Emma, my cat, after Emma's done taking care of business in the liter box. It's amusing to watch them hide and pounce on each other. Sometimes they're like Abbott and Costello.

Emma scurried out of the cat box and is now in the hall licking herself. Lucy crawled and hid behind another corner. She's staring at Emma's every single movement. Stalker!

Today, I'm going to focus on relaxing, enjoying these precious free moments, possibly head out for few hours, and start working on my upcoming midterm papers. I really like the topics in these papers, so I'm looking forward to working on them. When you really enjoy the topic, you usually end up learning more. I enjoy the intellectual stimulus and excitement.

Wow. The liter box is really stinking now. Someone either forgot to cover up her poop, or she actually covered hers but unearthened an old one in the process of covering hers. Gross talk for the blog, but hey... factual happenings and nature of life ain't always pretty or sweet-smelling.

Off to scoop the cat box so the air smells heavenly sweet once again.