Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hitler's Drug Dependence

Just woke up from a nap. There wasn't much good on TV. I came across a History Channel documentary about Hitler and the role of drug dependence in his decisions during World War 2.

Hitler was an evil man who did great damage. I've always believed that Hitler had a serious mental illness.

What I found interesting and learned was that he had a drug dependence on cocaine, amphetamines and few other drugs prescribed by his personal physician, Dr. Morell. I was not aware of this.

It turns out that Hitler was a hypochondriac who suffered from a series of medical ailments which may have been exacerberated by the treatments Dr. Morell administered. In other words, Dr. Morell may have been unethical in his practice and caused further medical problems. What I found amusing to learn was that Hitler suffered from serious flatulence problems. What I did not find amusing was how Dr. Morell treated it which made the situation and his gastroentological problems even worse.

Hitler may have kept Dr. Morell on as a personal physican to maintain his drug dependence, despite his social disdain by Hitler's circle and severe olfactory problems (Dr hated showering/bathing and would rarely shower while Hitler showered at least twice daily and changed his silk shirts and clothes few times daily).

Only Hitler liked Dr. Morell and kept him until few weeks before his suicide after his lover, Eve, warned him about few things.

I also did not realize that Hitler suffered from Syphillis.

If Hitler received better (and ethical) medical care, how much of the drug dependence could have been avoided? Would WW2 have been deterred or the course of it altered?