Sunday, October 03, 2004


Bush. Bush. Bush. Bush this and Bush that. Enough!

We know Bush sucks. We know he's a self-serving rich guy with his old men's network. We all know what we think of him. We know who likes him. We all know why we don't want him again as a President.

What good does it do for us to keep on complaining and wasting our breath talking about how evil he is or how much we like/dislike him?

Michael Moore effectively raised some of our conscience and/or consciousness further in his narrow satirical portrait of one of the many faces of Bush in his Farenheit 9/11 film. Many people are presenting different narrow portraits of Bush, showing the many faces of Bush and how his actions (or lack of) impacts our country, him and his folks, and the world.
I continue to remain unsurprised about Bush facts that arise. Even Bush's resume posted on Ridor's blog was nothing new.

Why don't we just refocus our energy on doing something productive such as beginning with social action and voting for once and all. How many of you stopped talking and took a moment to register to vote? Or, are you enjoying yapping your head and hands off too much? Cant turn off these motormouth/hands of yours?

Get off your ass and vote. Shut up and be more proactive.

Bushitis. That is what I call all this Bush talk and bickering crap. Break down these words with the word Bushitis. Bush - shit - it - is.