Saturday, October 23, 2004

America Is Nuts

Last night, a friend sent me an email stating, "America is nuts."

This caught my attention while signing off. I signed back on to see what that email was all about.

My friend stated:

"Dear X and X,

I heard from that X and I are going to be drafted to guard Abu Ghraib prison. Lots of young hairy Arab men there.

Sarah will be drafted to keep the Cheney's lesbian daughter company 24/7.

America is nuts. Canada, here I come."

Signed off by my friend.

Later, he sent another email:

"I'm not surprised that Bush is nuts. Doesn't that sound like Adolf Hitler?

That figures why Cheney is running the country. God help us all."

I proceeded to check my other emails to see what brought this on from him. Another friend originally sent an email to us saying:


I just heard that Bush wanted to reinstate draft so that the US gov't can mobilize all males and females to the war like the 60s


Now, I knew the origins of my friend's insane and satirical email. I proceeded with this response:

"Yup. And the women will retake the factories and businesses. Then, the companies will be finally cleaned up and straightened out while the men are overseas.... and the economy will improve thanks to us ladies... then you men will return and take all the credit as usual.

I think it's interesting that the rumor includes drafting females this time around.... Who would qualify? Lesbians only cuz they technically do not bear or fruit children in heterosexual relations to continue the human race and protect America?"