Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Ode to Wyndie

Ode to Wyndie. Funeral took place last weekend. Thank you for your outpouring support and comfort during this trying time in the age of technology.

Here is the obituary that was sent out last week:
My wyndtell pager had a heart attack few days ago and passed away unexpectedly due to an unknown "fatal error." It was formerly known as I am grieving, and as time passes, I will be ready for a new Blackberry pager.

In the meantime, please send your condolences and future correspondence/emails to

Thank you.


Here are excerpts from people's words of support and responses:

Our condolences for your loss of a great technological companion. Hope you will cherish it in your memory which it was a first introduction to our communication world. And may you enjoy the next gadget.

Be seeing you on Sept 18th for chow and chat at Patsy's and on our big day, as well.
Take care with hugs,
C & K

Oh my goodness! I'm condolesing to your Wyndtell pager ((sniffle)). The flowers will be sent to u soon. LoL.
- IV

is deep condolences go to you! Hugs xo How are you? I think it is funny what you have said. I do miss you smile.

- L

I see you ll get a blackberry soon. It is great. I just got it myself a few weeks ago.
sorry abt your son says, blackberry is IT!

- I
You have my deepest sympathies and my prayers are with you and your pager :)Meanwhile on the subject, welcome to the wireless world of high tech when you get your Blackberry :)Hugs


I feel like I'm at an Irish funeral, a sad occasion but with a grin on my face.
well said, S
smile MOM

Please accept my sympathies. I know how painful it can be losing a beloved friend who was loyal and faithful 24 hours a day. It s reassuring that there s someone who is not demanding of your time and attention aside from mandatory electric shocks.I do suggest a burial not cremation due to EPA regulations.Respectufully yours

- T
May your wyndtell rest in peace. Hopefully, my buddy Spongebob helped you in your time of grief. tee hee tee hee!I thought of you and V this weekend and hope the service went well. Give her a hug from me. See you soon,
- MK

(Sent an e-card - need a little laughter in your life? get things going the SpongeBob way! Take the feather and press anywhere on SpongeBob's body to make him laugh.)
To know of your pager's unfortunate demise. My thoughts and heartfelt wishes are with you in this time of need. Looking forward to getting your new blackberry addy but also respecting the amount of time you may need in getting it. Smile....wink...hugs!


This is hilarious!