Friday, September 03, 2004

'The Comfort of Its Mother's Mouth'

Couldn't help but laugh while watching "Totally Wild" on National Geography Channel. The show did a documentary about the dangers in the early lives of baby alligators. The way they presented the dangers were at times hilarious to watch yet at other times sad.

*zooming in on a tiny baby gator paddling in the water from below* *ominious music* *zooms out to reveal a snapping turtle below staring at the gator*

Narrator: "Fortunately, the snapping turtle had already ate and was not hungry. The baby gator was lucky to escape with its life. It is fortunate for now."

Narrator: "The baby gators can cry, and the mother is always nearby to come and defend it from dangers that lurk above - the birds."

*zooms out to show water birds with long legs at the shore staring into the water*

*baby gator cries* *mother alligator comes up immediately* *baby gator is riding mother's back in the water with their tails wagging like cats and slows down to lie serenely in water*

Narrator: "Above the water are dangers like birds. Below the water lurks dangers such as snapping turtles"

*pauses* *zooms down into darker water to reveal an ugly fish with a deep jowl staring up at a tiny gator lying in the water next to a lily pod leaf*

"Below are snapping turtles... and fish"

*fish jolts up to quickly eat gator*

Narrator: "The tiny baby gator fought valiantly for its life right until the end."

*small head of gator is shown sticking out of fish's mouth as it struggles then becomes silent*

Narrator: "This time, the baby had no time to cry for its mother. Its mother was unable to come and defend it from danger. This gator will never know the comfort and safety of its fericious yet gentle jaws of its mother's mouth again."