Friday, September 03, 2004

Bush's Speech

My roomie and I were in a cynical mood while watching parts of Bush's speech. I glanced up from my laptop occasionally to see what he was saying as well as to see Kate's comments. Here are excerpts.

Kate: The background during Bush's speech said "land of opportunity" S: "Land of opportunity for rich people" Kate: "and white folks..."

Also, during the other night, I looked up from the laptop to see a huge choir of men in tuxedoes/suits and women in black glittery/sequin dresses singing... about the mightiness and bravado, etc of all the branches of the military... with lots of visual pics....they took their time to sing about each branch and showed different pics before moving on to the next branch.... K and I discussed about how they dared do this and be singing about our "wonderful military and patriotism" while they're killing nearly a thousand soliders..... and being are honored by a big choir of people in formal wear...what hypocrites...the very same people who sent our soldiers out there to be killed are singing about them. They'll stop singing when the soldiers return to meet poverty and federal programs full of red tapes. If you're going to be singing about our soldiers and the families they left behind in the US to protect US soil, please also make sure you take care of them before, during, and after they serve our country.