Monday, September 13, 2004

Auntie June

While cleaning out Auntie June's (AJ) condo and organizing everything to help for the time when my mother, the estate executor, will go through everything and decide what to do with the things.... I came across some interesting stuff... and there were a lot of historical artifacts... and family pictures... and good clothes from the 1930s-1970s... articles... pictures of my grandparents while they were courting and on their wedding day... etc...

For me, it helped to clean out and organize her stuff as a part of grieving.

Dad, V, and I also threw out an endless quantity of empty plastic bags, old empty boxes, etc from the guest bedroom. Dad focused on the master bedroom while V and I did the guest bedroom.

We even found few old hairpieces. V didn't inform me. She simply flung it into my face. I screamed, thinking it was a dead old rat. Then, I was like... shhh.... then yelled "Dad! There's a dead rat in there! Come here, please!" Dad met me in the hallway. Funny thing was he wasn't surprised to hear there might be a dead rat in the first place! I held back that thought and kept up with my joke with a scared voice. Dad came into the guest bedroom, and V did the same flinging action. Dad jumped back then laughed when he realized it was an old hairpiece accessory. It half looked like a wig, but it wasn't a full wig. And, AJ certainly did not have hair loss problems. My best guess is that it was a hairpiece to help with certain hairstyles back in the 50s or 60s. Later, while going thru the pics, I looked for hairstyles AJ wore to see if these hairpieces were being worn. I haven't found any yet. I am not going to spend hours scruntizing looking for evidence of these hairpieces in her pics. For all I know, it could have been one of her friends' pieces. No idea. *shivering and half retching*

Anyways, I learned a lot about AJ and how involved/active she was on the community leadership level. She was involved in the Civic Rights movement, women's rights, financial empowerment for women, and so on. She was also a very active volunteer with the American Red Cross for years. Here's an outline of some of her activities:

* American Red Cross active volunteer for 30 years. Retired in 2000. Served on the Board of Directors, was Chairman of Services to the Armed Forces & Veterans (1988-1999), volunteered as Staff Aide 2 days a week after retirement from banking. Typist at BloodMobiles, Chair of the Day for Bloodmobiles. On-Call volunteering, volunteered an average of 6 days a month in addition to other duties listed above.

* Milford Bank (1946-1985) As Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, Personnel Officer, Corporate Secretary.

* Past President, Business & Professional Women's Club of Milford Bank

* Past District Director, Connecticut Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club

* Past Committee Chairman, Bridgeport Chapter of the American Institute of Banking

* Member, National Association of Bank Women

* Past President, Association of Savings Bank Women of Connecticut

* Member, and Committee Chair, Network of Executive Women

* Past Committee and Board member, United Way of Milford