Sunday, August 22, 2004

Vicious Allie

My parents' neighbor has 2 dogs. The younger dog is Allie, a mixed part-put bull dog. My parents, for the first time since 1990, have had a problem with these neighbors and dogs.

The neighborhood is generally very respectful, and neighbors are considerate of each other. The neighbors communicate too. Once, when my brother and I were younger and new drivers, we kinda made a turn into our street a bit too fast. A neighbor was kind to leave a note in the mailbox asking us to slow down on turns in consideration of neighbor kids and pets' safety. We quickly complied. Our parents never saw the note. Neighbors have kept an eye out for each other whenever a family was out on vacation and have called the police when someone was seen breaking into a house. Anyways, things were relatively good until the new couple moved in next doors with their dogs, especially Allie.

Last night, Allie broke out of her front door, ran through the invisible electronic fence at the edge of the lawn and attacked a dog being walked on the street by its owners. It took several people, kicking, yelling, hitting, and a thick wooden handle being broken over Allie, for her to back off.

Now, my parents are afraid for their safety as well as our family dog's, Hannah, safety. Mom warned me to be careful whenever I have Hannah with me anywhere in the front/back yards and the driveway.

Allie came after my mother yesterday, Dad several times during the past few weeks while Dad was doing yard work, and now that other dog. Allie's temperament is escalating. Allie lunges whenever she sees anyone, and she has snarled and barked endlessly. I personally have seen Allie run into my yard while supervising my dog going to the bathroom. Allie ran all the way around the deck to the dog run area and growled at Hannah. I shooed her away from the stairs I was sitting on. Allie growled at me. So, I just stayed quiet and told Hannah to sit. Hannah complied and shook while Allie growled at us. Finally, Allie ran off back to her own yard. I grabbed Hannah and brought her in.

The electronic fence that the neighbors installed obviously did not work for Allie at all. Allie leaps over the electronic fence all the time where she gets zapped electronically. She backs up and does it again and again. Sometimes, when she's aggravated enough, she gets through anyway despite the electric zaps and goes after people and now dogs. I have seen this with my own eyes too and do not walk along that side of the yard.

The police and town dog warden are now involved. Mom said that, until Allie harms a person, she is only racking up nuisance dog infractions.

Sad part of it is that the dog that was attacked is undergoing cancer treatment and certainly doesn't need that kind of stressor in her life. She has a large puncture wound in her neck, a bloody tongue, red eye, bloody ear, etc. The owners brought her to the vets after the police finally released them to go. The cops and warden took a long time to get the info from them. The wounded dog was standing up by then though. Allie's owner- the woman - was nasty to Daddy and accused him of provoking her dog! Dad was not even home when the attack took place.

The woman blamed my father for provoking her dog as if it was his fault that Allie had been upset lately! The neighbor yelled at everyone as she finally went in her house telling everyone to "all go home!"

I wonder what's been going on in that house of hers. I know she has an infant and a husband. What's going on with that dog, Allie?

As mom said, "hmmm, a hot time in the suburbs! hate to have unhappy relationship with a neighbor, but we need to be safe in our own yards. Pls remember to protect Hannah."

Allie's owner is paying for the vet bills, a fine for no registration of the dog and one for being a nuisance. The neighbors may have to put up a fence. The police and warden both took statements and are following up today regarding yesterday's attack. The cops told the owner of dog victim that they were going to press charges because of all of the previous complaints. No pictures were taken at the scene yesterday.

Today, Mom saw the owners of the dog victim. The poor dog, who has cancer, had a 103 fever today alongside many puncture wounds. The vet wouldn't put a drain in the largest wound because of the cancer type the dog had. Twice a day, all of the wounds have to be opened to be drained by handto prevent scabbing and abcesses. Gross. The poor dog was at the emergency vet until midnight last night for treatment then at her regular vet's office today for few hours. Poor dog. The owners are afraid to walk the dog on our street now. They will stick with the other neighborhood streets if the dog can walk that much in the first place while still healing from her wounds. Poor dog.