Wednesday, August 18, 2004

She's Back

Mom's back from her trip to Paris and Budapest. She did a church trip to Paris before heading out to visit her sister (my aunt) in Budapest. Mom got back yesterday and is now catching up on her sleep. Aunt Margie and Uncle Justin kept her busy with different cultural events, mineral baths, etc. Wow. Makes me look forward to my trip there next year!

Mom asked me if I'd like to go to the beach with her today if I was going up to CT today to take care of DMV stuff. I've got to renew my driver's license and take care of DMV paperwork as well. The weather's a bit weird today. Plus, I slept in late this morning, so I decided to put off the CT trip until tomorrow. It's so nice to have the luxury of time to put things off just because you could do so.

I sure am enjoying my time off from school. Ahhh...