Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Laughing Outloud

Laughing outloud often these days. Last Thursday, I met up with RT for a late late night KFC dinner on 14 St. Like RT once said, 14 St is very alive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We both had juicy stories to exchange about a particular ex of mine. I had stories about her before she went insane. He had stories about her after she went insane. I rarely talked about her since I dated her before she became legally psychotic and insane. RT & I laughed so hard about certain things that this particular woman did on Gallaudet campus and around town in DC. And, as always, RT had some entertaining stories about Barfeteria and deaf community figures, landmarks, and incidences. I still cannot get over how Mr. Chapstick used a chapstick to carry out lubed "protected" copulation in a car after a night of drinking and clubbing. *shaking head and laughing* I am never going to look at a Chapstick display box at the pharmacy check-out register counter the same way again. On another note, I saw an older woman walk up an alley in a light trench coat wearing a medical latex glove on her left hand while holding a cigarette in her left hand. She did not have a latex glove on her right hand. That was a funny odd sight to see. I wonder why the heck she was wearing a latex glove and a trench coat in slightly humid/warm weather while smoking and walking up an alley. Anyways, gotta go to bed. I've got a midterm tomorrow, few meetings, and a paper to turn in. Buon notte.