Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Someone I know keeps on greeting me with "Hi, Bubba" everytime I meet him. The last few times, I asked him why Bubba. I always replied with, "Hi, Hubba." He never had a good reason for calling me Bubba. It was one of these few moments where he did not have an explaination for what he said. He said it once again last Thursday, so I decided to ask a hearing person about what it really meant.

Bubba reminded me of the "hubba bubba" commercial song during Bubbilicious gum commercials.

Bubba also always made me think of Forest Gump's friend in the movie when they ran a shrimp boating business. Right now, there is a restaurant named after it in Times Square.

I mentioned "bubba" to an interpreter friend tonight. Her jaws dropped, and she said it was a huge insult. She told me that it meant a fat blubbering person who waddled from side to side and was very stupid or a big dimwit. She told me that whoever said that to be was really insulting me big time. She replied with, "Maybe it's just a hearing thing because it's a slang, especially in the South. It's not a good thing. I would have slapped whoever said that to me."

Later tonight, I looked up "bubba" in the dictionary. Bubba is a slang that means "brother" in the South and "A white working-class man of the southern United States, stereotypically regarded as uneducated and gregarious with his peers." However, in the South, it can just mean "brother"

I asked my friend for his definition. He said that it was an affectionate term. Hubba, thanks for calling me Bubba. That's such a huge compliment. My turn to *mwah*