Monday, August 23, 2004

Birthday Weekend

I am a strong believer in celebrating your birthday all month long. Since I had graduate studies and internship this month, I adjusted my celebration period to a weekend. This past Birthday weekend was fabulous!

On Thursday, I headed into CT to renew my driver's license and have a Brazilan lunch with my grandmother and mother. I enjoyed spending time with my grandmother. Her mind is going these days due to Alzheimers. Nonetheless, her mind was not gone enough for us to talk and share some loving moments together. I knew my grandmother well enough to know what she'd like while helping her pick out some dishes at the Brazilian buffet place. I really miss spending time with my grandmother. I wish I could see her more often and be there to help her with daily needs and errands.

*"Happy Birthday" tune*

I slept well into my birthday day. I took my time and did everything at a leisure pace. Then, I got ready for the birthday dinner at Kum Gang San Korean restaurant on 32nd Street. (Kum Gang is the name of a famous mountain in Korea). It was a delicious fun dinner with close friends and acquaintances. I truly enjoyed myself. We went to a nice Korean cafe nearby where we talked and ate more. Later, we went to the Escuelita club. Ran into few old faces and had good conversations. I have to admit that there were funny moments and few people we "vee-veed," especially the people who were very interested in the go-go dancers.

On Saturday, slept in late then woke up in time to head out to the Museum of Natural History for the interpreted tour of the Frog exhibit. I hadn't been to that museum in a while. It brought back fond memories of numerous school trips to the museum as a child. From age 1 1/2 to 11, I lived right outside of NYC in a town where one could view the NYC cityscape from select spots in town. I grew up going into the city frequently with my family, friends, and on school trips. The Museum of Natural History was one of these destinations. I also remembered seeing interpreted plays during the inception of HandsOn. Anyways, back to the museum tour of the frogs exhibit. These frogs were really cool and fun to view/learn about. The deaf folks who showed up were mostly older folks. I enjoyed seeing Renate and few familiar faces whom I often see at art museum tours and events.

Sunday was also a day of rest. I finished cleaning up my room. Watched some funny movies on the Comedy channel all afternoon-long. Later that night, I focused on some school-related work for the Graduate Student Association since there's a meeting later today with the school regarding the upcoming NYU New Student Orientation.

I think I will turn this birthday weekend into a birthday week. How else shall we celebrate? Mmmm... we shall see.