Friday, July 23, 2004

If You Ever See...

If you ever see me waving my hand out of the window of a mini-van, I've gone insane with suburbanitis. While talking with a close friend few weeks ago, she told me that she never imagined herself moving to the suburbs after living in a city for years. She was willing to buy a house, live in a quiet area, etc... One thing she promised herself to draw the line at was owning a mini-van. We did a pinky-swear and promised to never ever buy a mini-van. We all drew the line at that. If kids bring us to the suburbs for whatever reasons, we are never ever going to own a mini-van.

I call people who live in the suburbs Moo Folks. The suburbs is a Moo-Field. If you think about it, when you pass a huge field of cows, the cows look alike. You can't really tell one from another. That goes for people and houses in the suburbs too. The houses usually look similar in the suburbs or at least in neighborhood clusters. There isn't as much diversity, uniqueness, cultures, restaurants, etc in the suburbs in comparsion to cities and urban folks.  Yes, there is some variety within the suburbs. But, it isn't quite as diverse as city life and folks.