Friday, July 23, 2004

Hermit Crab Injustice

I recently stopped by a pet store to look for African Cichlid fish and other specific fish and reptile species. I passed a glass box full of hermit crabs and shook my head. The hermit crabs were in shells painted with the American flag, 4th of July wordings, etc. I remembered the first time I saw fake hermit shells. When I was little, I went to the boardwalk down in the Jersey shores. Neon-colored shells were big back then. Last year, during Christmas shopping with my brother, we passed an island kiosk filled with hermit crabs in shells of different themes. You could personalize the shells with your name, favorite pictures, logos, peace signs, rainbows, palm trees, country flags, and so on. I found these appalling. Whatever happened to enjoying the natural beauty of the shells the hermit crabs originally lived in? What kind of creature or products will be commercialized next? *shaking head*