Thursday, July 29, 2004


Great. My blind aunt fell down her doorstep and fractured her other hip. She's now in the hospital and will have surgery at noon. Few years ago, she fell and broke one of her hips. This time, it's the other hip. This means she'll be in a rehab center for up to few months. Auntie June is a strong independent woman who doesn't like being dependent on anyone else for whatever reason. She's slowly learned to accept help from others because it means she can continue to be independent in her own way. Auntie June and I are very close. It's funny how the deaf person and blind person in a family, out of all people, are very close. We have our own way of communicating with each other and understand each other pretty well. We're both fiercely independent and prideful in our own ways. I hope that she gets thru this recovery without any complications. Maybe this will be the last straw that forces her to consider moving into an assisted living residence where she can continue to be independent but have assistance ready right down the hall as needed. We will see how things turn out.