Monday, July 26, 2004

Family Tidbits

Am watching "Clean Sweep" on TLC channel right now. It's amazing how much things pack-rat people accumulate within a period of time. My mom's one of them, a career pack rat.

Soon, my mother will be going to Paris on a missionary trip. She'll be doing "some work" with immigrants in the poorer sections of Paris. Afterwards, she'll fly to Budapest, Hungary to visit with Aunt Margie & Uncle Justin for a week or so. This means that my father will have the house to himself for 3 weeks and clean it up as he pleases without mom finding a reason to keep this and that for whatever reason. I'll probably visit him during one of these weekends to drop off my car for servicing and garaging. And, I'd like to spend time with my great aunt and grandmother as well as Dad. I'll have more time during August to visit.